10 Reasons Why An Insulated Stainless Steel Water Bottle Is Better Than Plastic

10 Reasons Why An Insulated Stainless Steel Water Bottle Is Better Than Plastic
 Health experts recommend you drink at least one and a half liters of water throughout the day. And when you are sweating in the gym, you may want to increase this intake. The best way to ensure your daily hydration is to carry a water bottle. And you must choose the right kind of water bottle to maximize the benefits.
Since plastic bottles are cheap, they are often our first pick. After all, most people don’t consider water bottles a worthy investment. But you will be amazed how much an insulated stainless steel water bottle can improve your overall well-being. Learn what stainless bottles have to offer over plastic ones, and you will be moved to make the right choice. 
Why Should You Consider Carrying A Water Bottle?
Carrying a water bottle ensures that you are properly hydrated throughout the day. It helps keep you alert, helps with digestion, and maintains mood and cognitive function. Drinking water at regular intervals also makes your skin look glowing and healthy.
If you don’t have a water bottle on you, it is difficult to maintain the hydration routine. You might not feel thirsty. But you will experience fatigue, low appetite, and feel unwell overall.
Plus, bringing your own bottle ensures that you are drinking clean and safe water. Not to mention, purchasing bottled water from stores will unnecessarily make you lose a few bucks.
10 Reasons To Pick An Insulated Stainless Steel Water Bottle Over A Plastic One
There are more than a few reasons to invest in an insulated stainless steel water bottle. The first one is obviously health benefits. Not to mention, the water or other liquid in the bottle will stay fresh for a much longer time. Apart from these, you would be doing the environment a favor by reducing the use of plastic.
Save Yourself From BPA
Plastic bottles contain several harmful chemicals. These substances can leach into the content of the bottle over time, especially when you are carrying hot liquids. One of these toxins is Bisphenol A (BPA). This chemical is associated with cancer, hormonal disorder, infertility, and cancer risks.
All that hard work you put into the gym wouldn’t mean much if you drink toxic water during your exercises. The best solution is to pick an insulated stainless steel bottle that ensures no contamination.
Better For Outdoor Sessions
Plastic bottles aren’t a good option for your outdoor sessions. During hiking, running, or camping, a plastic bottle can easily crack or break. Lower-quality plastic bottles might even melt.
Stainless steel bottles are the perfect option for your adventures. They won’t crack or scratch if you drop them. And you don’t ever have to worry about them melting.
Keeps Your Drink Hot/Cold 
Insulated stainless steel bottles preserve the temperature of your drink. The insulation and the heat-resistant properties ensure your drink is still cold or hot several hours later.
Plastic bottles, on the other hand, don’t offer this advantage. You will find your drink has lost its coolness or warmth before you even reach your destination.
Taste And Smell
Another problem with plastic bottles is odor. These bottles often retain the smell of the past content. Or, the chemicals in the plastic might be the contributing factor. With stainless steel bottles, you don’t have to deal with the odor problem.
Even if you manage to scrub off the odor, a plastic bottle can still make your drink taste funny or stale. Here again, the chemicals in the plastic are to blame.
Great For Instagram
Are you an aspiring fitness model on Instagram? Then many of your uploads might show a water bottle by your side, or you are drinking from it. It’s a nice way of making your fans aware of the importance of staying hydrated.
However, your photos can lose much of their appeal if you use a plastic bottle. They look cheap and out of place. Meanwhile, stainless steel bottles can easily blend with the scene. It has much to do with how light reflects differently from plastic and steel surfaces. These Cherry and Candy bottles from Fresco can give you an idea.
Save Money On Water Bottles
A high-quality stainless steel bottle will cost you more than a chemical-leaching plastic bottle. But remember that, a stainless steel bottle can last for decades. You won’t be spending a dime on water bottles for years to come.
On the other hand, a cheap plastic bottle doesn’t have that kind of durability. You would have to change bottles multiple times a year. Eventually, you spend more than you would have on the single purchase of a stainless steel bottle.
Protect The Environment
The manufacture, disposal, transportation, and recycling of plastic bottles severely harm the environment. These processes emit harmful gases into the air. When plastic bottles end up in landfill, they destroy the fertility of the soil. They also pollute the ocean and harm fish and other animals.
The main reason for this is plastic bottles lack reusability. Therefore, manufacturers keep producing them, and the existing plastic waste continues to grow. So, switch to stainless steel bottles to save the world.
Protect Your Bag and its Content 
You might have experienced several occasions when your plastic bottle ruined your bag and whatever else was inside it. These bottles easily leak, crack, and get wet from condensation. This is bad news for the expensive electrical devices you carry around.
In contrast, stainless steel bottles are immune to leaks and cracks. And the insulation makes sure there is no condensation.
Easy To Maintain
Who wants to spend time scrubbing their water bottle after an exhausting session at the gym? Sadly, plastic bottle puts you through this hassle. Stains (from protein shakes or similar drinks) are hard to get off from plastic bottles. You also wash it several times to ensure the odor is gone.
Meanwhile, stainless steel bottles don’t catch food stains or odors. Which means you can wash and clean them in no time
More Uses Than The Gym
Well-designed sleek stainless steel bottles are fit for every occasion. The gym is not the only place you take them. Due to their professional and smart looks, you can carry them to your office and use them during meetings.
On the other hand, a plastic bottle doesn’t look good on you. And since many big companies are adopting green protocols, sporting a plastic bottle during corporate meetings isn’t a good idea.
The water bottle is a close companion in your everyday life. So, you must make sure you are using a safe and healthy one. An insulated stainless steel water bottle can be one of the best investments in that regard. Check out Fresco’s collection. We are offering sturdy and stylish bottles in affordable price ranges.